Sunday, 4 September 2011

Women Breastfeeding Animals

 I found that these photos are very interesting...It's not weird for me but I was wondering whether it is hygiene enough for those
women breast feed the animals while they breast feed the own child..

(I prefer if they are not doing it at the same time).
Here are some positive comments from the readers:-

"people drink animal’s milk, so what’s the big deal. It may be odd but it’s not disgusting or sickening. Some people think it’s horrible for human’s to breast feed their own babies. Grow up, animals are living beings also." 

"A woman breastfeeding a baby animal? Whats all the big hoo haa about that? Why get edgy and feel negative? If she wants to breastfeed that animal, she has free will to do so and the animal infant is better off in the long run. A milk bottle will do well enough but her breasts will give it comfort and warmth besides nurturing it."

"WOW, it’s amazing. People used animal and do this more disgusting
and cruelly than animals… This womans just love and respect nature, animals, help they to alive. What wrong is in this?? I think that is some wrong with people who disgust this picture. Normal human, civilized
domesticated should be good impressed that people help animals, specially like this woman! It’s great that in the world are peoples, womans like they! World are most beautiful thanks to them. I respect them."
People have their own opinions...What ever they said, what ever they are thinking & what ever their comments, for Me, It's Their Own Breast, If they want to do it, it's up to them right? It's not what a big deal ???

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